Artists and vendors of our 2018 eastbridge Arts Festival @ the mount

Vicki Hast Samples 2.jpg

Vicki Hast-Gourd Artist

Vicki and her husband have been growing pumpkins and gourds on their Ohio County farm since 1990. She began experimenting with leather dye as a way to color the gourds. Vicki has been making baskets for years as well and discovered an intersection between basketry and her gourd art. 

drippy glaze pot.jpg

French Ridge Pottery

As an artist, Roberta Gayer tries to put a smile on people's faces. She loves color, texture and flowing lines. Roberta grew up doing arts and crafts, as well as playing music. For her, it is just natural to want to create things. 

anna weber.jpg

Anna Weber Creations 

Anna is a wonderful artist who creates rustic wreaths, garlands and centerpieces. With the use of burlap, poly deco mesh, picks, colorful ribbon and accessories, Anna's creations are full of flare. She takes great pride in every project she completes and it is important that her customers are happy with their purchases. 

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The Art Department of London Pike

Enid Roach uses raw clay to create functional and non functional work. For each of her pieces, she fires it in an electric kiln to bring out beautiful work. Enid is included in the collections of Owensboro Museum of Fine Art and Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science.



Iris Gentry

Iris enjoys working in oils and watercolors, but she believes that pastels are so much more immediate. Whether it be her cat pausing in the afternoon sun or the brilliance of snow on a sunny day, the urge to capture that incredible glow is irresistible to Iris. 

jackie smith .jpg

Jackie Blue Handmade 


Jackie has been creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for about nine years. She uses gemstones, metals, leather, chains, cotton and other miscellaneous materials to create custom order pieces. Jackie can make ready-to-wear bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watchbands for both men and women. 

imaqge 6.jpg

RAS Woodwork 

Alex Steckler has been wood turning for about four years and makes a wide array of things such as variety of ink pens, wine bottle stoppers, bottle openers, coffee scoops, shaving razors, seam rippers, crochet hook handles, ice cream scoops, whistles, toothpick holders key chains, holding crosses, letter openers and pepper mills. He makes these pieces from all kinds of media; using over 40 species of domestic and exotic woods. 


Morris Finishing Touches, LLC

Dennis Morris is a local man who grew up learning to appreciate wood and the many things it could be used for from his Grandmother. His creations are all in the form of "useable" art.  It's not just to look at; you interact with it, sit on it, stand on it and hold it in your hand. Dennis' creations are things of everyday life.  The art of the everyday appreciation. 

pic 2.jpg

The Bow Shop

Darlene Hanner started making hair bows with a friend a few years ago. She can make different designs of bows and headbands. Each piece is made by hand. Darlene also creates and designs vintage clips and headbands that are all unique and one of a kind.

mary katherine maddox.jpg

M. Porium

Mary-Katherine Maddox uses antique hardware, gemstones, glass and metal beads to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. She also creates two-dimensional art that is based on junk store finds. She loves to add fun captions inspired by local or pop culture. 

katrina Watts.jpg

Katrina Watts 

Katrina loves watercolor, but after adopting her two sons, she found photography as an easier way to express her creative side. Now that her boys are grown, she has returned to doing watercolor, as well as making handmade crafts. Her booth will feature Kentucky-themed gifts such as t-shirts, note cards, magnets and stained glass. 

david walker.jpg

Walker Custom Ceramics

All of David Walker's work is wheel-thrown and hand-built one piece at a time. Every step of the process is done only by him, from the kneading of the clay to the loading and firing of the kiln. David thinks it’s important to get his hands dirty, literally, for the goal of creating pieces that people can use and enjoy for many years.

julie ferguson.JPG

Julie Murphy Ferguson

To make her awesome pieces, Julie uses acrylic on canvases and wood. All of her work is one-of-a-kind, she is able to do custom orders. 

percy golson.jpg

Camera 2 Go 

Percy Golson has been taking professional photos for the past 15 years. He is able to capture events, scenic views and portraits. 


Built to Roam Designs 

For Catherine Gross, creating jewelry has been her passion since she was 13 years old. To make her creations, Catherine uses a variety of materials ranging from glass beads, charms, clay, tree branches and gemstones.  

clayton and crume.jpg

Clayton and Crume 

Clayton & Crume was a dorm room startup turned full-fledged leather shop. They proudly produce all of our handmade leather goods in Louisville, Kentucky. They began with the mission to create a signature leather belt that offered unmatched quality and style at an honest price point. Since inception, clients have requested various leather goods to meet their personal lifestyle needs, resulting in an expansion of the brand and business.

One Dream Reached Jewelry 1.jpg

One Dream Reached Jewelry

Elizabeth Atcher began creating jewelry in 2012. She specializes in hand-stamped jewelry and wire-wrapped rings. Elizabeth's pieces are meant to encourage, inspire and motivate you to never stop dreaming. 


Overby Studios 

Joe Overby's interest in color, light and outdoor subjects is reflected in his paintings of regional and international landscapes. To bring his beautiful pieces to life, Joe paints with oil or acrylic on canvas, and with watercolor on watercolor paper. 

pic 1.jpg

GLAM Designs

Maxon Overby has always had a creative streak. She prides herself on finding ways to reuse items that most people would consider to be junk. Maxson takes on the challenge of turning peieces into something new with a different purpose. Worn belts make fun boho cuffs, computer chips become earrings, raw gemstones become strong magnets to decoratively showcase kid's school work.

selma 2.jpg

Arnie Wiesenberg

Arnie works exclusively in oil on canvas painting with a traditional feel. He puts more emphasis capturing the nuances of lighting, color ambiance and the unique setting for his subject matter. Whether it is New England in the summer or Kentucky in the winter, nothing escapes his brush. 

selma 4.jpg

Selma Wiesenberg

Selma's passion is weaving with fine wire to form unique jewelry that will last a lifetime. Her goal is to create jewelry that can be worn anytime, sophisticated and casual, yet both substantial and delicate. Selma's work preference is to design with natural stone cabochons and loves building woven frames to showcase them.

john meadley.jpg

John Medley Fine Art 

John prefers to paint en plein air, capturing the light and atmospheric changes throughout the day, in all seasons. Pastel is his preferred medium, but he also enjoys working in gouache. John's subject varies from landscapes and buildings to animals birds and people. 

Jean Kittinger Art.jpg

Jeanie Kittinger Art 

"Finding my way home," Jeanie says is what she wants people to see when they look at her paintings. Her art demonstrates that she has found her gift and she treasures it daily with thankfulness. Jeanie does portraits, still life and animals. 

katie lowing 2.jpg

Katie Lowing 

Katie has been painting for as long as she can remember, encouraged by her artist grandmothers. Her current theme is local agriculture and her source of inspiration has been Reid's Orchard! Her oil paintings have also been inspired by a trip to Maine she took. 

edna beavers.jpg

Art by Edna 

Edna Beavers' paintings are a variety of subjects that she hopes to capture the interest of the viewer. For her, it is a therapeutic form of expression using feelings, colors and subjects that are pleasing to the eye, as well as offering a variety to the viewer. Edna enjoys painting and strives to put those feelings in her artwork.  

robert wetzel.jpg

Wetzel Art 

Bob Wetzel is a self-taught artist and he is always learning new things and techniques. Bob loves his critics because they are brutally honest and keep him on task. He likes to vary his subjects to challenge himself. Bob believes that his art is for the viewer and it humbles him. 

lincoln trail woodcraft.jpg

Lincoln Trail Woodcraft

Eric Havener and Steve Wathen make shaker boxes that are produced with wood veneer that they mill from native hardwoods harvested in Southern Indiana. The duo makes both traditional boxes (maple sides, pine top and bottom) and shaker inspired designs using various decorative hardwoods such as cherry, figured walnut, curly and bird’s eye maple, and the boxes are finished with either traditional milk paint, Tung oil or lacquer. Besides making Shaker inspired products, Lincoln Trail Woodcrafts creates premium hardwood cutting boards, cheese cutters and turned bowls.

The spot coffee.jpg

The Spot Coffee and Finery 

Local coffee house is now on wheels! Their beans are organic, fair trade, and freshly roasted. They also serve pastries. 

dock seafood.jpg

Dock Seafood Concessions 

The "Best Fish in Town" is now mobile! Offering fish, chicken, shrimp, oysters and clams, Doc Seafood is sure to satisfy any appitete! 

frozen tundra.jpg

Frozen Tundra Shaved Ice 

Frozen Tundra isn't your ordinary snow cone. They use Snowie engineered ice shavers and with so many flavors to choose from, you will have a unique treat!

jaders kettle corn.jpg

Jaders Kettle Corn

Delicious kettle corn available in small and large sizes. 

jeanies gelato.JPG

Jeanne's Gelato & More

Amazing Gelato and Floats! 

slick back outdoors llc.jpg

Slick Back Outdoors, LLC

They specialize on food from the pit! 

curbside kitchen.jpg

Curbside Kitchenette

Serving up american cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

sweet treats 5.jpg

Sweet Treats

Deep-fried sweets, funnel cakes, fries, nachos and more!!